What's This Dream??

by Rob Austin
(Ontario Canada)

i ha a bad dream that my girl friend was cheating on me. it hurt me so badly when i woke up...i was crying. i could not get a hold of her for 3 days...still can't. i'm not sure what to think or do any help?

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Meaning of dreams
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am not sure what your dream means. Sometimes dreams are prophetic and tell us about what is happening that we would otherwise not know about ... but sometimes dreams are just acting out our worse fears. It's hard to know which is happening. I understand why you would feel upset by this dream. If you can pray and ask your inner wisdom for the meaning of the dream, you may be able to have a better understanding of what it means.

concering your girlfriend in relation to spiritual growth.
by: Anonymous

If you had a dream about your girlfriend cheating on you then it might be true since you to this day cannot contact her. I suggest you forgive the situation with your girlfriend so that it doesn't hold you back from growing. This is especially important as the very fact that you cannot contact her shows that she probably moved out of you life. Because everything in the universe has a vibration, the rate of your vibration determines the people,events,circumstances, and objects you draw to yourself.You attract friends and loved ones whose soul development are similar to yours.There will be areas where you are more advanced than they and vice versa. You may increase your vibration to a point where you both no longer have the same development. If that happens then you both will probably separate. Once that happens then that will make room for even better things in your life. Nothing ever leaves your life UNLESS something BETTER is coming which ALSO supports your growth. The separation also hints at the growth you are making. So continue to hold & radiate the light for a sacred earth AS WELL as to FORGIVE your friend for not contacting you, for as you do it then things WILL get better, you will FREE yourself from whatever is happening, make ROOM for better things that support your higher good, make rapid and enormous growth in this lifetime and most importantly,make the world a better place which is of GREAT importance. This WILL affect everyone in a positive way INCLUDING your girlfriend as long as you are NOT doing this out of a selfish motive, but instead FOR THE HIGHER GOOD OF ALL.

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