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Dec 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

As time comes everything is going to be OK have hope in the lord till your last breath....

Dec 15, 2010
Confusion, Hurt, Pain
by: Anonymous

I am going through the same thing you are, I know God is there and he is waiting for me to mature spiritually before he can answer my prayer. I was on another prayer site where someone accused me of being selfish and I took offense to that comment. I reflected on what they said and threw back of all the good things I did for people with no thought of a reward and being anonymous I hope they reflected on what I said. I did it because it made me feel good inside, and felt it was the right thing to do and will still do it, regardless of what other people say. I could tell you of the obstacles I had been facing and pretty sure there will be more in the future. At any rate getting back onto the subject at hand, you need to take care of you. I started bodybuilding and it has given me a clearer look on my life of who I am.
I know you miss the kids... I miss mine too, especially around the holiday, God does not want you to give up. I could tell you some really horrifying stories, and because of Gods intervention I am here writing to you.
I normally do not give out my email address, but will if you need to talk more. Listen to what the other people are saying to you on this site,if no one cared you would not have a bunch of people writing.
My prayers are with you..........

Dec 14, 2010
Worldly suffering
by: Rob

Dear Kimberley
I can also affirm what DR commented, that there is a vast purification process going on throughout the world and the sensitive are prone to this particularly if one is already experiencing hurt and/or confusion. Don't give in to negativity or depression, keep the realisation burning in your mind and heart that the spark of the Divine resides deep in your being and therefore nothing of the dark can pull you down. Keep faith, and pray.
It helps tremendously to affirm verbally as well.
Here are some examples:- "I am a child of the universe, a part of the perfect scheme of God, therefore ALL IS WELL. " Because God dwells in me, nothing which is negative, evil, can overcome me". "Suffering is man's lot in life in order that we can grow spiritually. God never will give me more than i can endure."

Dec 13, 2010
Spiritual Purificaiton
by: DR

Dear Kimberly,

Thank you so much for writing in your beautiful request. I wanted to share some information with you that will probably be very helpful. Many people (as well as the world itself) are going through a spiritual purification process at this time. It is possible that it is more intense at this time due to increasing amount of God's light on the planet. No doubt, the challenges you are experiencing are both related to preparations for your future work in the world, but also due to the darkness that the light is helping to clean out.

I want to point you to a few resources that you can immerse yourself in. Julie Redstone, as part of her blessed work on earth, has written extensively on spiritual purification and has many resources available. Here are a few:

Selected Articles on Purification and Transformation: A Beginner's Guide:

Light and Darkness: An Introduction:

Earth: The Birth of a Sacred Planet:

There's so much more, please explore the website. Have faith, as you do, in God and the light and in completing this process.

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