Daily Inspiration and Spiritual Guidance

Daily inspiration helps us to stay focused on God's love, no matter what else is going on in our lives. In today's world there is so much suffering and negativity manifesting, that it becomes even more important to stay connected with our hearts, and our inner connection with spirit. We offer several sources of daily inspiration here on this site, these are free resources you can access by e-mail or our World Blessings RSS feed to help you connect with your own inner source of God's love, light, truth and healing.

Why Daily Inspiration is so Important Now

Many people at this time are experiencing intense upheavals in their lives. With the increase in natural disasters and economic challenges, and the increased pace of change in general, many are struggling with depression as well as stress related physical symptoms.

There are many ways you can tap into your inner connection with God and spirit. A regular practice of meditation or prayer is very helpful in focusing your energy and intention towards God, and even five or ten minutes a day can have a significant beneficial impact on your day.

Why Inspiration can be Difficult to Find

At this time on the Earth there is a great deal of negative energy surfacing and releasing into the atmosphere of the planet. This affects all of us, especially sensitive souls who are attuned to energies. Staying connected to a source of spiritual inspiration each day helps you to avoid getting immersed in the negative energies.

NEW -- Join us in helping to strengthen the love and light on the Earth, by connecting with other souls and participating in the One World Meditations.

Why Staying Inspired Helps the Earth

It is easy to sink down into the morass of fear, anger, despair, blame and hopelessness that so many people are feeling during these difficult time. It is tempting to just be angry and close down our hearts and our feelings, however this option not only greatly limits your own ability to feel free and whole, but it also adds more negativity to the Earth's atmosphere and the collective consciousness of humanity.

Your commitment to staying connected to God's love and light makes a huge difference to the world. Even though you might feel like one small, insignificant person who doesn't matter, in reality the love you share is greatly helping the Earth and other people around you. We are all connected, and when you are radiating love, light, and focusing your attention on God's love, then your presence has a beneficial impact on those around you.

The Challenge of Opening our Hearts

Currently the purification process that is happening on the Earth is very intense, and there is so much suffering that many people feel despair, depression, and grief. It is a natural human response to feel grief and sadness when we are suffering or witnessing the pain of others. During times like this, the solution is not to close our hearts or numb our pain, but rather to reach out to God more deeply.

In reaching out to God each day, focusing our hearts on receiving more of God's love, we find a pathway through the negativity and darkness. A new doorway begins to open, towards a new possibility for ourselves and for humanity.

The process of spiritual transformation involves the release of everything within us that has been out of balance and out of harmony with God's love. This process is happening individually and for humanity as a whole at this time. The huge problems manifesting in our world are an expression of this imbalance, and are being released in order to be transformed.

Connecting with Others

During the process of purification it becomes essential to stay connected with God, with daily inspiration, and with other souls of like mind and like heart who can share with us and help to strengthen us. These times are challenging for us all, but by joining our consciousness and our intention together, we can accomplish much more that if we remained separate.

Our WorldBlessings.net community was created for the purpose of offering support and spiritual guidance during these extraordinary times we are living in. There are discussion forums available to share with others, and many training materials, audios and other resources to help you stay connected to daily inspiration. I invite you to join us.

Our Responsibility

Today the world is in a crisis and we each are holding a tremendous responsibility by virtue of the fact that we are here on the Earth, living and breathing every day, using the Earth's resources, communicating with others, sharing our thoughts and feelings and words with our fellow human beings and the larger collective consciousness of the planet.

We can continue in the ways we have in the past, just going along until the planet becomes so overburdened from the collective weight of human neglect and unconsciousness that an even more serious crisis unfolds. Or we can make a choice right here, right now, to take responsibility for ourselves, for the life we are living, the choices we make and for the energy and thoughts and actions we are putting out into the world.

When we make a choice to transform ourselves, this choice adds greater light to the global harmonic and to the collective consciousness of humanity. No matter how small or insignificant or invisible you may feel yourself to me ... your choices matter! Imagine the impact of just one person who chooses to release the burdens of anger and resentment. Their sharp words, cynical attitudes and angry thoughts begin to dissolve, and love begins to grow in their heart. Other people are affected by the new love and light that is growing within that person, as the energy of light has the capacity to grow and amplify by being shared.

Resources and Supports to Help You Stay Connected

Staying connected to God's love and light is not only good for you, it is good for your fellow human beings and for the Earth! Here are some daily inspiration resources that you may find helpful in your daily life.

  • Daily Inspiration - Online Meditations by Email

    We recommend several resources for daily inspiration which carry a beautiful vibration of light and healing. These are brief and profound meditations that come once each day via e-mail at our Daily Reading and Meditation section.

  • Daily Inspiration - Blessings of the Light

    The Blessings of the Light spiritual guidance messages can be used as part of a daily inspiration practice. These messages offer information about the transformation of the Earth into light and each person’s participation in it, and are intended to uplift the soul and create a path of light that can be followed by those who read them regularly. This is a free service supported by the donations of our visitors.

    The Blessings of the Light messages are offered generally once a week, and the messages are generally substantial enough that you can read the same message daily for several days in a row and receive something new each time you take them in.

  • Daily Inspiration - A Spiritual Perspective on Depression

    This is a popular area of our website that offers new information and a spiritual perspective on depression. You can also write in and share your experiences here.

  • Daily Inspiration - Spiritual Guidance

    We all are guided by spirit, and each of us has a unique way of attuning to inspiration. I encourage you to spend some time each day asking and praying to awaken your own inner wisdom. The more connected you can feel to inner guidance, the more easily you will be able to connect with daily inspiration. For more on this, please visit our spiritual guidance section.

    There are many ways you can tap into your inner connection with God and spirit. A regular practice of meditation or prayer is very helpful in focusing your energy and intention towards God, and even five or ten minutes a day can have a significant beneficial impact on your day.

  • Daily Inspiration - Spiritual Articles

    We have a large collection of spiritual articles which offer a new perspective on many topics related to spiritual healing and transformation. Some examples of articles are:

    A Sacred Life: Awakening to Spirit
    The Practice of Sacred Breathing
    The Pursuit of Rainbows
    The Purpose of Silence
    Trusting the Opening of Insight and Intuition
    The Spiritual Energy of Ordinary Things

  • Daily Inspiration - Spiritual Poems

    Sometimes words are not enough to share what we are feeling and experiencing in our spiritual journey. Our visitors have shared some beautiful, heartfelt spiritual poems that express so many of the wordless nuances of spiritual experience. I encourage you to visit and experience these for yourself. You may also share your own spiritual poetry on this page as well!

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