Daily Reading and Meditation

Inspiration and Spiritual Practice for Daily Life

A regular spiritual practice of daily reading and meditation offers consistent daily spiritual support, and over time supports the anchoring of spiritual values into all aspects of life.

NEW -- Join us in strengthening the network of love and light on the Earth by participating in the One World Meditations.

Daily meditation can be a simple as taking 10 minutes each day with the meditations offered in the Calendar of 100 Days, or can involve a more involved program of study and meditation for those who have more time to devote.

The importance of daily reading and meditation is in the consistency with which it is done. It is helpful to schedule a specific time of day to do your daily reading and meditation practice. Arrange a sacred space in your home, one that is conducive to inner reflection and relaxation. Some people find it helpful to create an altar or other sacred space in the home, which provides an outer reminder of the sacred, and also creates a vibration of peace and harmony.

Daily reading and meditation can provide comfort, upliftment, and spiritual support. You will find yourself attracted to sacred writings and meditation practices that are most resonant with your own soul's unique divine blueprint. We are all of God, and created by God, and we each have a unique purpose and aspect of God that we embody in the world.

For more about the process of developing a spiritual practice, see:

Daily Reading and Meditation Supports

A daily reading and meditation practice can tailored to your own unique needs and spiritual longing. Daily inspiration and meditation be found through sacred religious texts as well as newer spiritual writings. At World Blessings we recommend several daily reading and meditation supports to assist you in nourishing your spiritual life at each moment of your day.

  • NEW - Meditations on Hope and Transformation offers daily e-mails to help with the challenges of life where hope needs to be strengthened and the life of the inner being reinforced. Rhese daily meditations also suggest a way of experiencing life in which the Unknown can be embraced without fear.
  • NEW - Essentials of Purification is a new blog by Julie Redstone of Light Omega which shares principles of light and healing for understanding life in a changing world. The focus of this journal is on individual and planetary change. It describes the path of purification and the purification process as it affects the healing of the planet.

  • NEW - The Art of Being Present is a journal for spiritual awakening by Julie Redstone, focusing on experiencing the Divine in the ordinary, going beyond roles, perceiving the unity of spirit and matter. The ‘art of being present’ is possible in each moment, revealing the Divine within life.

  • The Calendar of 100 Days, created by Julie Redstone of Light Omega, offers light, truth, and spiritual wisdom in the form of a brief daily meditation sent to you daily via e-mail. My own experience is that these meditations open up a new level of perception and awareness of spiritual reality, and during times of difficulty, the meditations bring a strength of light that clears away whatever has been troubling me.

    The mediations are brief and profound. You will receive the most benefit by sitting quietly with them for a few minutes each day to receive the light, truth and clarity they offer. This Calendar is also available in book form.

  • Meditations on Love, Relationships and Letting Go - Daily Meditations for the Heart offers daily seed-thoughts to meditate and reflect on for those who are experiencing the loss, transition, or ending of a relationship, and also for all who wish to love more deeply, with fewer conditions and limitations.

  • The Calendar of Healing created by by Julie Redstone of Light Omega. Offers a path of awareness offering a way of holding pain and suffering of any kind so that consciousness can participate in the innate healing capacity of the body, mind, heart, and spirit. Though the application of this Calendar is universal, it is particularly directed toward those who are dealing with painful circumstances in their life at present.

    The Calendar of Healing contains seed-thoughts to meditate on that are focused in several areas including: Dealing with Pain, Suffering and Compassion, Light and Healing, and Flowing with Change. It is based on awareness of the light and love of God that can create both a healing of suffering and a movement toward the growth of spirit. E-mailed daily and also available in book form.

  • The Daily Reflections are 'seed-thoughts' that are meant to inform, uplift, comfort, and provide a source for reflection. Offered by Julie Redstone of Light Omega, they cover a wide range of topics concerning sacred reality.

    The Reflections are intended to help shift identity to its new foundation and source in soul-awareness and in light. The Daily Reflections are best absorbed by spending a few minutes each day with the current one in a quiet, meditative way, allowing it to seep into consciousness and connect with whatever inner spiritual truth or reality it seems to resonate with.

  • To support the spiritual growth of children and young people, the Calendar 60 for Young People from Light Omega offers beautiful and simple daily readings and meditations especially created for children that can be shared during a family prayer or meditation time.

  • The Blessings of the Light messages offer spiritual guidance, teachings, and words of inspiration concerning the transformation of the Earth and each person’s participation in this sacred process. These messages uplift the soul and create a path of light that can be followed by those who read them regularly.

    Blessings of the Light Messages are generally several paragraphs in length or more, and are sent out to our e-mail list and RSS feed two to three times per week. To receive the most benefit from them in your daily reading and meditation practice, we recommend that you set aside 10 to 15 minutes to read and reflect upon these messages in order to receive the light that is sent with them.

  • Stepping Stones to Awareness. Not available at this time.. A sequel to the Calendar of 100 Days and a path of transformation into light. Stepping Stones to Awareness includes a discussion of 'seed thoughts' from the former, accompanied by a suggestion or 'step' that focuses attention on their application within everyday life.

    The 'steps' anchor light within the body and heart and help create a new view of the sacred within life. Another offering from Julie Redstone and Light Omega. Messages are e-mailed every three days for a ten-month period. Freely offered with donations requested.

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