Spiritual Counseling

What is spiritual counseling? My very first spiritual mentor revealed a truth to me that I have witnessed in every single spiritual healing session I've participated in, both from the client's perspective as well as the healer's perspective. She said that spiritual counseling is a process by which the counselor and the client sit down together and have a conversation with God. When the session is finished, you should both feel better because together you've raised both of your vibrations to be more connected with God. In other words, your session has called more of God's Light which helps everyone.

Spiritual counseling helps people to learn how to handle the challenges of daily life in relationship with God. Most of us are accustomed to thinking of ourselves as alone in the world. We are used to thinking that we need to figure things out on our own, and fight to survive.

When we begin to understand that God is real, we start to see that life can be different. We learn that we are not alone, because God is with us ... but during times of stress or challenge we may forget this. The long years of habit can be difficult to undo on our own.

Spiritual counseling helps us to meet life's challenges from a new consciousness of connection with God. It offers support to you as a whole person ... your soul and spirit, your emotions, mind and body, and your practical life here on the Earth.

Spiritual Counseling Services

World Blessings offers spiritual counseling services on a donation basis to people of all faiths.

If you are ready to arrange an online spiritual counseling session, please click the above links to learn more about each service we offer and to request a session. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us here.

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