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Nov 05, 2009
To Srinivas
by: Anonymous

This is a time of trial and of testing for you, beloved Srinivas. It is very difficult to be the butt of harsh comments, harsh criticism, or harassment. It is very difficult to feel rejected by those you wish would love you. And yet your spiritual core is very strong. Your devotion to God is very strong. Therefore, this test can be passed if you can let love come from within yourself rather than from outside. The pain of rejection and non-recognition that is outside is real, but does not have to define you. You are strong enough to know this.

To whatever degree you can return love in the face of rejection, you will transform the situation, whether it is with your family or in the workplace. For this to be possible you must believe it is possible. Believe in the inner love that God has placed in your heart and it will sustain you, no matter what is going on outside.

Do not feel bereft. For God has placed spiritual gifts of considerable proportions in your own heart. Look, and you will find them there. Be blessed.

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