Worthless Answers And A Question's Purpose

by Adrian Marroquin
(Shafter, California, USA)

I Feel The Need To Write,
Yet Can't Conceive An Insight,
My Mind On Overload,
So I Don't Know What I Know,

Scrambling Words,
Trying To Make Sense,
But The Human Language,
Just Isn't Cutting It,

Trying To Plug My Mind Into This Computer,
And Backup My Thoughts,
Finding The Answers To Everything,
But In Another Second They're Gone,

Erased As Though,
They Were Not Meant To Be Retained,
Useless Facts,
No More Filling Them Into My Brain,

Explaining To Me,
How Eliminating Certainties,
Lets My Mind Flow Openly,
To Accept All The Possibilities,

Answers Are Worthless,
It's What Gets Us There,
That Gives Questions Their Purpose.

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